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A hat with a soul!


Limited Edition Caps

Let's Imagine! If we asked you what a hat could do for you, we bet you'd tell us it protects your face from the sun. That's true - and so much more! Hat and Soul creates wearable extensions of kids' internal worlds and customizes them to their individual style and imagination. Sun-blocking hats become a gateway to creativity and imagination with Hat and Soul. You can't have a hat without a soul. And here's a hat with a soul!

Cultivating childhood creativity

Do you feel like your busy lifestyle inhibits the development of your child’s imagination? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Hat and Soul’s vocation is to create unique yet sun-safe caps for kids. There is no limit to the imagination fostered by our fun and colorful designs. Be prepared for new playdates and friendships, thanks to your child’s new look!

A hat with a soul

An extension of your child’s internal world:

Each design has been carefully crafted to unlock your child’s imagination, sense of adventure and playfulness.

Yes, sun safety can be fun:

For every playground mission your child embarks on, they will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

When quality meets adventure:

Our apparel is designed to endure the most venturous quests. We leave no stones unturned in order to provide you with a premium product.


Don’t take our word for it:

Here’s what Hat and Soul parents say:


My eight year-old son was a crowd favorite at the Natural History Museum thanks to his Tiger cap!


Finnaly a way to put a cap on those nasty UV rays! My daughter goes everywhere with her Zebra cap!