About Us

Fostering our children’s imaginations intentionally.

Between running around between soccer practice, dentist appointments, parent-teacher conferences, and ensuring nutritious food is on the table, the Walia’s struggled to find adequate time to pour into their children’s imaginations.

After recognizing that many other parents also struggled with the same balancing act, they had a realization.

What if a children’s clothing company stepped in and partnered with parents to nurture and ignite children’s imaginations in the form of wearable extensions of their internal worlds that are simultaneously protected from the sun’s rays? Read More
The dream grew a life of its own, introducing a world free for children’s imaginations to run wild, a blank slate ready for story-telling and adventure, and a realm where individuality is king.

Soon, other-worldly designs manifested into high-quality products, and Hat and Soul became a reality.


Hat and Soul create wearable extensions of kids’ internal worlds. Make them believe. The soul of creativity and imagination starts with Hat and Soul’s original, hand-crafted hats. We want to ignite a passion for creativity in children and remind parents to help children become the imaginative, empathetic leaders of tomorrow.



To create kids’  designer accessories that fuel their imagination, bolster their confidence in being uniquely them.Our hats are happy hats. A hat company created by parents who want to make sure kids’ hats don’t just protect them from the sun but also give them an opportunity to express themselves? We believe that creativity is vital for human existence. With Hat and Soul, we celebrate individuality while protecting children with SPF 50+ protection. So go ahead – let your child wear what makes them happy!