Fun Rainy-Day Games You Can Play With Your Child

When storm clouds build up and rain makes outdoor activities impossible (at least if you try to keep floors clean), there are still plenty of fun and silly ways to spend time with family and friends. Whether you are squashing indoors in the air or drizzling, these games have a quick way and make you want to wait for bad weather in the comfort of a warm room or kitchen. It usually only takes a couple of minutes to set up and get the kids out quickly.

Dance In The Mirror –

Preparation time: 30 seconds (In finding high-quality music)

Fun Time: 24-30 minutes, or up to eight songs. Then it gets old for everyone.

What you need: A speaker and a place for music.

Mirror Dance is a free, physical game for groups of four or more. First, choose a director who picks a song and starts dancing whatever he wants. All players must follow the movements of the leadership exactly as they were copied in the mirror. At least the boss can shout “Free-For-All!” and let everyone be free until the end of the song. Then the next leader chooses a new song and so on until everyone has gone twice as a leader. No victory or defeat, only weak dancers.

Arm & Leg Tag –

Preparation Time: None

Playing Time: 5-15 minutes

What You Need: Open space and the ability to balance and jump on one leg.

Arm & Leg Tag is a classic racing game with competition: each player is “it”, and the goal is to finish off all arms and legs. When an athlete loses an arm or a leg, he can no longer use it, so he has to put his arm under or jump on one leg. All other parts of the body are allowed, but that doesn’t count for anything. When all four legs are scored, the player leaves the game and the last player stands with at least one arm or leg won. Arm & Leg Tag is an easy home game to play, just look for furniture or sharp edges.

Big event –

Preparation time: None

Playing time: 10-15 minutes

What You Need:

Open space with enough space to keep your competitors separate.

A chair where you can call to sit well to encourage action.

One hour or stopwatch.

Optional: a bell, scores, and number signs to announce the next match.

Create your front seat for the hottest shadow boxing match with The Essential Series. Have your two “fighters” stand in the corners of the clearing room, without furniture or problems. It features the two contestants with their fun-rigged nickname, according to the announcer. Make it clear they’re just hitting the air. They can’t get close to each other, and if that becomes a problem, you can create a bottom line that not everyone can cross. When the “rush” begins, the 30 second period begins, let them expand their “movement” and give them a game for a game. Then go to the next “round” and call the order. When everyone is tired, call the arbitrary master.

Step On The Balloon –

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Fun Time: 10-15 minutes, depending on how many balloons blow up first.

What You Need: balloons, rope, scissors, and duct tape.

In Balloon Stomp, children race against each other across the room, trying to detonate balloons tied to each other’s ankles. Use the drawing paper to draw the large playground in the center of the room (jumping the ball out of bounds doesn’t count). Tie two balloons to each child around each ankle, then divide the players into groups or declare him as an individual for himself. Yele “Go!” starts the action and lets the players run and play balloons for everyone while protecting them from the event. The more balloons, the more puzzles in the game, the more fun everyone has.

Figure Skating in Wax Paper –

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

What You Need:

A roll of wax paper and duct tape (like a duct) or rubber bands.

A smooth floor (like).


Pen and paper to mark.

Optional: hats, and accessories.

Figure skating in the wax paper is an easy way to get kids into the Olympic heart with minimal setup by transforming the kitchen, dining room, or indoor floor into an ice rink. Move the furniture or fixtures to the side of the room and secure the track with duct tape. Make “skates” by cutting or tearing a large square of wax paper on each foot and place the skates on it as you wrap the paper around their ankles and secure them with a piece of string or a rubber bag. Each skater can choose their song and take the time to practice before heading out on the “ice” for their big show. Stumbles and laughter are guaranteed, but make sure no one falls too hard.

Hot Air Balloon Tennis –

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Playing time: 30-60 minutes

What You Need:

A couple of balloons

Fly swatters: paper plates, duck ribbons, and popsicles. Or just a few hands

A rope and two chairs that will bind it.

Balloon Tennis is an easy and extremely powerful version of the real sport that almost all players still enjoy. Make “sticks” of fly swatters or by tapping the popsicle on the back of a piece of cardboard. Place two chairs a few feet apart in the center of the room and tie ropes together to represent the net. Make sure it’s not too high or too low. Then place your players on different sides of the net and start the tournament by throwing a ball into the mix. You can use a variety of rules-based scoring methods or real tennis projects.

Portrait Session –

Preparation Time: Just enough to find the characters that work

Playing Time: 10-20 minutes

What You Need: a blank sheet or an easel with symbols or crayons and some people to represent “patterns”.

In the portrait session, everyone sits in the room for a quick “portrait” with another painter. Start by choosing who will draw first and who will be their course. The drawer can show them how and where to sit or think about what to do, and it can ask for wrong information or additional items for the pictures. The key is to draw frantically regardless of artistic skills; trying to be the ultimate portrait is foolish and false.