DinoMite Sun Cap SPF 50+

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Move over, Chuck Norris. There’s a new sheriff in town! And he’s a baby T-Rex. Dinosaurs are back. And so is the sun. So keep your kids safe with this cap that lets them express themselves while keeping them protected from the sun’s rays. The coolest cap for the kid that explores the world around them all day long, uncovering the hidden treasures, from prehistoric creatures to the intricacies of their own personal style. Your kiddo can express themselves with this dinosaur-themed cap bursting with flair and boasting an SPF 50+ coating as well as a moisture-absorbing, breathable sweatband for a comfortable fit — no matter how hard they play. It’s a hat and a soul. Dinosaur style.


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All our hats are made with SPF 50+ materials that block 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays that may contribute to skin cancer. This means your child’s exposure to UV radiation is reduced by 50 times where shielded by the fabric.

  • SPF 50+ coated layer
  • Handmade from cotton with a polyester sweatband inner lining
  • Durable plastic snapback strap provides the perfect fit
  • Machine wash; dry flat; iron-friendly
  • Imported
  • Unisex
  • Ages 3-10
  • Style Snapback
  • Australian Designed

Dinosaur fanatics will adore fun details like a row of teeth along the hat’s bill and fire red spikes reminiscent of a stegosaurus tail. Your little one will love how dino-mite they look, while you’ll breathe easy knowing they’re protected from the sun.

All our hats are LIMITED EDITION.

Products are currently only available and shipped to North America.

Shipping: Products are shipped within 3 to 4 days after placing your orders and arrival within a week of shipping.

6 reviews for DinoMite Sun Cap SPF 50+


    Loved the product.

  2. Michel Mark

    This is an amazing product. I highly recommend it. We like the fabric because it is soft and breathable. Perfect for an outing in the sun. This hat seems comfortable to my kids. Definitely recommend.

  3. Julie

    Great kids hat, so much personality for our littles with equally huge personalities and who love to have fun. Fun designs like this help convince the littles to keep wearing their hats.

  4. Eleanor Serrano

    This is a very cute hat. Good quality and I like that it’s adjustable.

  5. Joe Means Jr

    We love these hats. With SPF + in them, you can’t go wrong. This keeps my son’s head from being burned.

  6. sophie connah

    This hat is perfect for children with big personalities that are also playful, as well as kids who love to have fun. The little ones are more likely to wear their hats if they’re designed fun.

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