Tiger Sun Cap


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Don’t be fooled by the tiger lounging on this cap’s friendly smile — he also has an untamed heart and exploratory spirit. The back of this cap features the dense flora of the jungle floor: layered plants with dark shadows and sun-drenched leaves. The bright red cap adds a pop of color and vibrant personality that makes it perfect for every bold adventurer.


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  • Ears are felt flaps that provide a 3D effect
  • Design is carefully embroidered with felt application
  • Googly, moveable eyes infuse an extra dose of imagination
  • Created from three different types of high quality, durable, + UV Ray protective fabric
  • Sustainably handmade with care
  • Premium quality snap-back strap made for easy adjustment as your child grows
  • Sweatband for moisture absorption and breathability so this hat can play just as hard as your child can


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